1. iaccus

    TRIGGER WARNING - Vet Offered assisted suicide when seeking help

    TRIGGER WARNING We came across this article after seeing stories about it on the news. be aware the link below points to one of the dozens of articles that may be upsetting. TRIGGER WARNING...
  2. B

    To forgive?

    Every time I hear people talk about forgiveness in a context concerning trauma, I always wonder what "forgiveness" entails. There is a distinct possibility that my understanding of the word is off kilter from the rest of the world, it happens a bit with me, so I feel the need to check. When I...
  3. Eric66

    After therapy Association

    Why do I zone out and feel disoriented after some therapy sessions? I leave dazed and confused and can barely focus on driving home. It’s like I don’t even remember half the session. Sometimes after a session I have to lay in an empty office and sleep for an hour or so… Sometimes I sit in my...
  4. G

    Clergy Abuse The kid I left behind.

    At the age of 14, my math teacher called attention to the school about behaviors I had exhibited. A woman, whom I would guess was from children's services came to talk with me privately. During the interview, I remember thinking, if she knows then how many of my friends know? I denied...
  5. CarbonTiger

    I've become more quiet

    The following contains trigger warnings. I sincerely apologize. I've become more quiet this year because it's so loud in my head. My thoughts often run wild because reality is to much at times. My body is in pain more often than I'd like too. I think this is why I can cry more easily now, only...
  6. CarbonTiger

    When? (After therapy thoughts) *triggers*

    When do we stop punishing ourselves? How long will this take? and why? I just want to know when this all stops? Won't you all just lie to me and tell me its all going to get better. That i'm going to be ok. Isn't this what we need to hear? To be reassured. Therapy is my responsibility, my...
  7. CarbonTiger

    NYTimes article on PTSD treatment w/psych drugs ..."Over the next eight years, hundreds of therapists and others administered an estimated half a million doses of MDMA. Some reported that, in just a few sessions with the medication, patients achieved an amount of progress that...
  8. S

    High cost of therapy

    I've been shopping around for a therapist. I've received some quotes for what they charge for their services. Apparently, one hour of therapy is about $120-$160. So If I go to four sessions per month, therapy will cost as much, if not more, than the rent. (~$520) Is this typical for South...
  9. S

    My introduction

    Hello, I just recently joined the forum but I've been lurking for some time. I don't know what I want to say for an introduction. Let me just mention, like many of you, I too have experienced CSA. It was not a one time thing, but it occurred over and over for about a decade from the time I was...
  10. U

    First Appointment With Therapist

    Is in 2 hours. I am not looking forward to it because I am distrusting of others and have a hard time talking about what happened. My depression has been worsening and I don't want to end up in the place where I was a few years ago when I wanted to be done with life. I don't want to go back to...
  11. Erik Zachary


  12. G

    Who has healed?

    I’ve been thinking about this lately before going to Therapy.. Who has healed? Sure I’m Therapy, going through this workout weekly for 6 months now. Perhaps now I have words to talk about what happened to me as a child, and I’m told that’s healing where before shame and grief kept me down...
  13. OnceInnocent