1. S

    My Toxic Mother and I *possible triggers*

  2. S

    My first memory of abuse-my story *trigger warning*

    My first memory of abuse happened when I was 9 years old. I used to take baths when I was younger, and to me they were always super fun because my mom bought me these tablets that changed the color of the bathwater. I was old enough to bathe by myself around this age, but my father would...
  3. S

    I want to go home

    Bloodless limbs Cold hands Wrapped around my wrists Like rubber bands Muscles weak Nights slumber broken "I want to go home" The only words spoken Minutes drag My body still Pleas go unheard Robbed of free will Washing away Everlasting sin Nothing could ever Feel like home again...
  4. S

    Hello, I'm Sherlock.

    Hey everyone.
  5. J

    Opening up a bit more.

    So I recently joined and posted my intro a few days ago. It wasn’t until this past week that I admitted to myself that I have issues to deal with and that this is why I have them. So it’s been a rough few days. I told my sister and mom but not everything. I want to share everything that happened...
  6. iaccus

    Our Story Revisited TRIGGER WARNINGS

    TRIGGER WARNING We have chosen to revisit our original post from 2015 because we identified some changes in the language that violated OPSEC. We also wanted to explain some things in a more cogent and direct maner. The abuse started for me, as near as we can nail down when I was around six...