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    Maybe Jesus Knows What He is Doing

    If you have read my other posts, you know that dealing with my CSA has rocked my faith. I have followed Jesus for 35 years but can't really talk to him right now. Though I feel disconnected from Jesus right now, I have been contemplating the example he set for us dealing with trauma. Peter...
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    What's Beneath the Shame

    @SDD757 recommended the Sue Magrath book Healing the Ravaged Soul. In it she asks the reader to imagine themselves wearing a garment of shame and invites us to describe it. She then prompts “now remove the garment of shame to reveal a garment of the Beloved – describe that garment”. I was...
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  4. Visitor

    Shame, Our Constant Companion

    I had a conversation this morning with a dear friend who is reading a book that asked the question..."what protectors were there in your life?" She is a survivor of trauma though not sexual abuse. She asked after reviewing what she'd found through that exercise what protectors I might have had...
  5. iaccus

    Our Story Revisited TRIGGER WARNINGS

    TRIGGER WARNING We have chosen to revisit our original post from 2015 because we identified some changes in the language that violated OPSEC. We also wanted to explain some things in a more cogent and direct maner. The abuse started for me, as near as we can nail down when I was around six...