1. R

    Hi, my name is Rictor

    Hi, to remain anonymous I will call myself Rictor. Im 27 years old. I suffered physical and psychological abuse when I was a child, and also neglection and other traumas, but, mostly, I joined the group cuz I was sexual abused in school, which led me to b very impulsive later in my adolescence...
  2. CarbonTiger

    Disclosing My Abuse My Picture, My Bday, My Will

    I'm staying, i'm not finished here yet. Today was hard. I decided on my way back I would drive by the house where it happened. It's an evil house. I'm almost positive I wasn't the only one abused there. I wasn't going to post 'my younger pic' here ever. I'm even more stubborn than my Mom. This...
  3. S

    Sexual roleplay to deal with abuse “trigger warning”

    Hello all, this is my first post. So a short background on myself and my abuse so this makes sense: I was regularly in the care of my abuser for years. My parents both worked long hours and I was homeschooled, so I didn't really have a way to talk to others. My family was very religious and my...
  4. S

    Hello. Multiple sexual trauma ( trigger warning!)

    Hello. My name is Glen and this is the first time i'm posting on a community like this. I've lived with the effects of experiencing multiple sexual traumas for over 40 years ( i'm 53) and outwardly i have a typical ordinary middle class life but inside i've been dying little by little everyday...
  5. uvbnwrnd

    New member intro.

    Hi, my name is "Fred" I am reaching out because I need some form of support. I have been through a lot, as have many people here as I have learned from reading posts. I am in therapy, have been most of my life- but only somewhat recently have uncovered my most serious abuse. I was adopted...
  6. S

    How does it really feel like 24/7

    Its time to break the silence. Before i begin, let me assure you that however it happened to you is just detail and there is nothing that you did or didnt do to prevent this. Its not our fault, its theirs ( the rapists ) God had nothing to do with it, noir its support in your recovery. He...
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