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    Maybe Jesus Knows What He is Doing

    If you have read my other posts, you know that dealing with my CSA has rocked my faith. I have followed Jesus for 35 years but can't really talk to him right now. Though I feel disconnected from Jesus right now, I have been contemplating the example he set for us dealing with trauma. Peter...
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    What's Beneath the Shame

    @SDD757 recommended the Sue Magrath book Healing the Ravaged Soul. In it she asks the reader to imagine themselves wearing a garment of shame and invites us to describe it. She then prompts “now remove the garment of shame to reveal a garment of the Beloved – describe that garment”. I was...
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    Question for Christian Survivors

    I talked in another post about the first time I shared with some friends about what happened. I told part of the story with a question here about another part of the story. At the end of our prayer time, my friends encouraged me to invite Jesus into the basement where it happened. I wouldn't. I...