1. Torres


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    I think its time

    This is the first time I am ever saying out loud (via this post). I saw another person post something just like my experiences so I direct messaged him and that gave me courage to type this up. My story was that my older brother molested me and had sex with me from I think 5 or 6 to 12 or 13. i...
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    My story - Lots of Triggers

    I attended a Catholic boarding (choir) school at the age of nine, and within one year, I was being abused by the school's Head of Music and English. In his mid to late 20s at the time, my perp was a good housemaster and a brilliant teacher. Without a doubt, he was a great supporter of my...
  4. C

    Sexual Orientation/Gender Confusion

    I identify as bisexual and genderqueer, but those identities have always caused some confusion within myself. I knew I was attracted to men early on, but then began to wonder if perhaps the abuse I experienced would be a better way to describe who I am. Likewise, though I present as very...