1. CarbonTiger

    Disclosing My Abuse My Picture, My Bday, My Will

    I'm staying, i'm not finished here yet. Today was hard. I decided on my way back I would drive by the house where it happened. It's an evil house. I'm almost positive I wasn't the only one abused there. I wasn't going to post 'my younger pic' here ever. I'm even more stubborn than my Mom. This...
  2. M

    Abused becoming abuser??

    I see on TV and in movies the idea of the sexually abused growing up and becoming an abuser themselves. Does anyone know about this phenomenon? Is it as common as movies indicate? Why does it happen? ive not become an abuser but interested in knowing more about it. Also, I’ve been having...
  3. M

    It happened a log time ago and my Amnesia helped me to live…now it’s emerging

    I had a session with my therapist last month (we’re working together since 2016), the 21th of December day of equinox, it sounded nice to me I thought it would be a classical session… She felt something was special in me, she told something happened as I was a child, and it came through... I...
  4. F.A.

    ** Triggers ** Why do I miss him?

    ** TRIGGERS ** ** TRIGGERS ** ** TRIGGERS ** ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* I feel ashamed to say it but I have to let it out. First I would like...