1. A

    Small physical abuse, big mental abuse

    Hi Guys. I hope you all are doing well. So let's get into this. Me and my girlfriend have been together for the past 5 years and like with any normal relationship we have our ups and downs. Like most relationships I suppose, the other party's parent or parents (mom in this case) does not like...
  2. E

    I slipped up, watched the news and my stomach has been turning all day [Tw: Retriggering, sexual abuse trauma]

    (All of this could be me fighting invisible ghosts that nobody but me can see. I'm aware I could be wrong about the news but my trauma doesn't understand that.) I'm still in this situation where I feel nauseous at any and every discussion surrounding sexual abuse and trauma in a legal context...
  3. CharlieGoCrazy

    Excerpt From Abuse History

    Alright, I’ll try to summarize this in a detailed enough way that’s understandable to the majority of readers... At 20 approximately, I was displaced in the northwest after my mom abandoned me in Miami Florida 3,008 miles away from home by MYSELF and I navigated my way back through an agency...
  4. S

    Thoughtful, caring article on CSA

    This is a free article that millions of Jehovah's Witnesses will be studying today. It outlines how Godly Love and Justice are imitated with regards to child sexual abuse, comforting the victims, and helping the community and the family to protect the innocent. This article includes many...
  5. iaccus

    Our Story Revisited TRIGGER WARNINGS

    TRIGGER WARNING We have chosen to revisit our original post from 2015 because we identified some changes in the language that violated OPSEC. We also wanted to explain some things in a more cogent and direct maner. The abuse started for me, as near as we can nail down when I was around six...