Documentary: Trans Survivors and Mental Health

Thie forum if for transmasculine survivors to contribute their thoughts for inclusion in the feature-length documentary, What Will I Become?

This forum was created in partnership with Lexie Bean (they/he) and Logan Rozos (he/him), two trans directors of an upcoming feature-length documentary, What Will I Become? The film will examine transness, masculinities, isolation, and cycles of abuse that make trans men and boys uniquely vulnerable to depression and suicidal ideation. We will pose questions and prompts to allow transmasculine+ survivors to offer their expertise in their own experiences, to add nuance to narratives around both trans masculinities and survivorship, and to explore how the internet functions as a creator of community.

Please note that anything shared on this forum may appear in the film, please contact Lexie or Logan at [email protected] if you change your mind about the inclusion of any of your words or thoughts!

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You can also follow our film's journey on Instagram at @whatwillibecome_doc