My apologies


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To my fellow gay/bi/trans survivors,
A few minutes ago I posted a response to a thread, reacting to some of my own wounds. While I don’t think there was anything inherently inappropriate about anything I said, as I wasn’t attacking anybody, I’ve struggled with SSA for most of my adult life and how I’ve always felt that mental health counselors kept thinking it was an issue of homophobia and need for validation. It is not, and it has never been my intention, to in any way invalidate or disparage your journeys, even though it may be different than mine. I worry that my efforts to assert my original identity, and to express my frustrations with mental health professionals and other well-meaning people, may result of some of you feeling invalidated or disparaged, if that’s the case, I’m deeply sorry. It is because of this that I avoid posting in this particular forum, and I didn’t realize I was doing so until I posted it. Within 3 minutes I realized my mistake so I deleted it, our of concern and respect for your journeys. I am sad that the issue of sexual identity is triggery for me, and I carry a lot of resentment about it, so I’m struggling to figure out how to express my feelings without invalidating the journeys of fellow survivors that are on a different path.
My sincerest apologies if anything I’ve said has been hurtful in any way.