Chat rooms-need clarification


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I've been on these boards for a couple months but before the upgrade couldn't make the chat rooms work or if I could nobody was ever there, they seem now to work very well, but I need a clarification:
what's the purpose of the 3 different chat rooms? particularly, what's this "Treehouse" all about? is the "Survivor support" to be used for times in which I'm struggling, is the "General chat" more about small talk? Is the tree house a place to play? I have no idea as I haven't seen any of this explained anywhere as far as I can tell.
One more thing, I was on a private chat and couldn't post a lengthy response, so I had to copy half of it, uploaded the first half, then pasted the other half and uploaded it so it took 2 responses. I don't see anywhere where there's a character limit or a way of knowing if I'm approaching it.



Great questions! Wish I had difinitive “ms guideline” answers but I don’t. So for what it is worth-

Main chat (used to be the lounge) is maybe small talk, maybe serious, maybe light, maybe heavy and sometimes can be triggering. It is what the room makes it at the time and even back up there seem to be times of community silence- lots of guys signed in - no one talking.

Treehouse has been used for smaller group in depth chats- maybe one on one maybe a three or four but often on a potentially triggering topic to others or dealing with hot crisis type issues that I may not want to share with anyone just dropping in...

The others are as named and hopefully any and all can be filled with jokes and banter-fellowship and laughter is as healing for me as heavy venting.

And then again I may be all wet but that is my personal take


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Question about new chat:

I went into the new chat today for the first time just to see what it was like. I noticed that my ID wasn't showing up as having entered the room (like it used to) and no one greeted me. In fact, I was just able to hang back unnoticed and read what was already going on. Is that the way it works now, in other words, is that normal?


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Actually I think this is o.k......yesterday someone taught me about browsing, entering, and leaving a room.
And before entering a room, I can see a list of active chat users to the right. So I think things are working
now as they should....from my limited perspective anyway.....