A Birthday.


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Today is my 80th Birthday. But more important to me it's my fraternal brothers 80th Birthday as well.
He was a moderator here in MS, he was very active in the various forums & a great mentor.
His name is pufferfish, aka known as Allen B. Davis. He helped just about everyone, seriously.
He also knew when we all needed a break. He would post cartoons & everyday trivia.
Well one day he just disappeared from MS, plus he was to meet up with me at a friends wedding in Kansas.
The last words he said to me was he fell down & hit his head on a rock & he was going to see a doctor. That's
the last words he ever said to me. He had his heart set on meeting us up in Kansas.
I tried to find out what happened to him. Was he in the hospital? Was he dead? I had his mailing address & phone number.
A friend here in MS was going to Chatanoga (sp) & he will drive by his address. He did & no one was there.
He knew that Allen had a sister close by. He did some investigation. He found out that he had filled out a power of attorney to his sister.
I tried to get ahold of his sister by phone quite a few times. Finally she answered my call inquiring what happened to Allen?
Things went down hill pretty fast. She quizzed me & I told her that Allen was a good friend of mine. She asked me just who in the hell are you?
How do I know that she replied? Well, I am not going to answer your questions. Well lady how would I have his home address & telephone address,
unless he gave it to me? Well Mr. Corbett if you call me again I'll get the police after you.
So on Allen's 80th Birthday I'll wish him a Happy & Healing Birthday. If Allen is dead I'll send my greetings up to Heaven, and ask him to remember his fraternal
brothers in his prayers.
Pete Irishmoose.


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I've seen posts by pufferfish. Sounds like he was a good man.
So sorry that woman treated you with such vehement suspicion.
Unfortunately people can be....ah, let's not even go there.
Happy Birthday to you and Allen, wherever he is.
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